Tips for cleaning your basement include collecting all cleaning products first, covering the floor with drop cloths, cleaning the area around the furnace with warm, soapy water, and dusting the light fixtures before doin... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

Scrubbing floors with a mixture of borax and water, leaving multiple bowls of white vinegar in the area, and utilizing a dehumidifier remove odors from a basement. Finding and treating frequent basement odor causes, such... More »

To clean your basement floor drain, begin with chemical drain-cleaning agents, but prepare to rent a power auger with a cable that you can feed down the drain to agitate the clog for cleaning. Be ready for considerable a... More »

Tips for basement clean-up include removing furniture and other items from the basement first, collecting cleaning products before starting the process, sweeping the floor with directed strokes, and using a cleaning solu... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

Tips for cleaning laminate flooring include avoiding sweeping, reducing the amount of soap used for cleaning, keeping the floor dry, and preventing the tracking of dirt and grit from the outside. Proper care keeps the fl... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

Tips for cleaning fabric blinds include wiping away loose dirt, spot testing the cleaner on an unnoticeable area before cleaning the affected section, blotting excess moisture with a towel, and air drying the blinds afte... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

Tips for cleaning wooden blinds include cleaning them more often than normal blinds because they collect more dirt, using a step-stool for the higher portions of the blinds and never dousing them in water as the wood wil... More »