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To start a cleaning company, apply for the relevant licenses, purchase cleaning supplies and equipment and advertise the business. The cleaning company may be independent or a franchise.


A good name for a cleaning company should be catchy, creative and memorable, according to the Houston Chronicle. Choose a name that looks good on web pages, business cards and other company materials. Also, ensure that the name represents the overall style and personality of the company.


Find a job with a cleaning company at Indeed.com or CareerBuilder.com. These websites feature numerous cleaning jobs of various types, and no registration is required.


To start a company, choose a product to sell, conduct research, write a business plan, choose the company structure, register the company name, and determine the location of the business. You need startup capital and a marketing plan to successfully start a business.


Some tips for starting a company are to write a business plan, choose a location for the business, know where the financial backing of the business is coming from, clarify the ownership and management structure of the business, register with the state government and be sure to receive a tax identifi


Manta.com, Puroclean.com and Servpro.com are some of the companies that provide clean-up services. These companies list their services in their respective websites and provide contact information for customers who may need their services to contact individual companies.


Hourly cost for house cleaning ranges between $25 to 35 per hour, although rates vary depending on the location and cleaning company, as if 2015. Some cleaning companies charge a flat rate that is dependent on the home's square footage or number of bedrooms.


To lower office cleaning costs, provide incentives to employees and consider day cleaning services. Putting in place measures that control the use of detergents or other cleaning products can be another way to cut down on costs.


The cost of home cleaning services ranges from $25 to $35 hourly, as of 2015. If the cost is based on square footage, it can range from $116 to $136.


Good office cleaning companies include Vanguard cleaning systems, Jan-Pro Franchising International Inc., Stratus Building Solutions, and CleanNet USA Inc, according to Entrepreneur. Molly Maid and Merry Maids offer good home cleaning services.