To clean your pores, wash and exfoliate your skin, apply a clay mask, rinse it off, apply oil-free moisturizer, and use blotting papers to absorb oil throughout the day. This 20-minute process requires a facial cleanser,... More »

To get rid of blackheads on your nose, make a paste of ground nutmeg and milk, spread it on your nose, rub it in, rinse with warm water, and apply witch hazel to the clean pores. This 10-minute procedure requires a bowl,... More » Beauty & Fashion Skin Care Skin Blemishes

Clogged pores, called comedones, are caused by a buildup of secretions and dirt within the opening of the pore. The sebaceous gland lies just beneath the surface of the skin and secretes an oil called sebum through the p... More » Beauty & Fashion Skin Care Face Cleansing

To unclog pores, boil parsley in water, wash and exfoliate the skin, apply a charcoal mask, rinse, wipe the skin with parsley water and apply moisturizer. The supplies you need for this 45-minute process are skin cleanse... More »

To remove blackheads, wash the skin, unplug the pores with pore strips, exfoliate with baking soda, and apply a purifying clay mask. To prevent blackheads from reappearing, perform this 20-minute procedure at least twice... More »

A good homemade facial mask for brightening the skin involves rubbing the inside of a papaya peel around a clean face while paying special attention to the lines around the mouth and eyes. After allowing the papaya to dr... More »

There are many useful recipes for making face masks designed to help treat oily, pimpled skin, such as using a mixture of a tablespoon of cucumber juice, an egg white, a few drops of lemon juice and a teaspoon of clay. T... More » Beauty & Fashion Skin Care Face Cleansing