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People classify things as an organizational tactic, according to The American Society for Microbiology. Classification helps people monitor items, animals, people and events. It also helps people to contrast and compare items. Scientists practice the classification of living things to enhance their


All organisms belong to one of five kingdoms: animal, plant, moneran, fungi and protist. All living organisms fall into specific categories using taxonomy, which groups all living things into groups based on biological characteristics and traits. Taxonomy itself classifies as a distinct branch of sc


Matter comprises all substances that take up space and have mass, and it may exist as a solid, liquid, gas or plasma. Light and energy are not matter because they have no mass and do not occupy space.


Biologists classify organisms based on physical characteristics and genetic relationships. Each specific kind of living thing is given a designated species name. Groups of related species are grouped together into a genus. Related genera are grouped into families, and families that show close relati


There are many reasons that classifying organisms is important, such as helping understand the genetic relationships between different groups and species, helping with wide studies of organisms and helping to develop new biological sciences such as biogeography. Each of the groups and sets are creat


Scientists use a star's temperature to classify it into one of seven main groups referred to by the letters O, B, A, F, G, K and M, in descending order. Within those groups, stars receive a number classification based upon their temperature as compared to other stars within the same group. An additi


Scientists classify animals to provide a standardized system of identifying and describing organisms that exhibit similar characteristics. Despite the vast diversity of animal species on Earth, categorizing these organisms into related groups simplifies taxonomic investigations.


Elements are classified as metals, nonmetals or metalloids. Noble gases are classified separately, although they are sometimes grouped with non-metals despite having different properties.


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Organisms of all types are classified to make it easier to identify species of plants and animals, to help sort and track similarities and differences between different parts of various kingdoms and to help scientists determine the relationships between currently known species and new ones. Modern s