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Tips for finding classic pickup trucks for sale include searching classic car forums and auction sites as well as browsing local classifieds websites, which may contain tools to find specific makes and models of trucks. Another option is to visit a classic car show, which may feature trucks for sale


A mini pickup truck is a small pickup truck; more specifically, it is a light duty truck. A small pickup truck is often used for lifestyle reasons such as basic transportation. Features such as open cargo areas with low sides and tailgates makes them user-friendly.


Mini pickup trucks can be purchased online on the websites Alibaba, Eaton Mini Trucks and Ulmer Farm Service. Each website offers various models of available mini pickup trucks.


Find pickup trucks for sale at PickupTrucks.com, a resource that contains lists of new and used pickup trucks as well as a simple search function on its home page. Cars.com is also a good place to check for available new or used trucks. There are numerous other websites that offer search functions a


Some ways one finds old pickup trucks for sale include browsing through used car dealer listing sites such as CarGurus.com or specialized pickup truck classifieds sites such as PickupTrucks.com. General classifieds sites such as Craigslist.org and auction sites such as eBay.com also commonly contain


Pickup trucks can be listed for sale on eBay, Craigslist, AutoTrader.com and Cars.com. The cost depends on the site: Craigslist ads are free, Cars.com offers both free and paid listings, and AutoTrader.com only offers paid listings.


Some websites that list pickup trucks for sale are CarGurus, The Car Connection and CommercialTruckTrader. CarGurus lists second-hand pickup trucks for sale with search facilities by car, price and body style.


The length of a pickup truck varies by style and manufacturer, but a typical traditional pickup is about 17 feet long, according to GMC. Both cabs and boxes come in longer and shorter sizes.


The 2015 GMC Canyon is ranked as number one in its category by the U.S. News and World Report, as of February 2015. This truck offers a luxurious interior in addition to a fuel economy of 20 mpg city and 27 mpg highway.


The most popular 1980 model pickup trucks for sale are the 1980 Chevrolet C-10 and 1980 Ford F-150, based on listings at Cars.Oodle.com. Of all 1980 truck listings, the C-10 and F-150 are the only models with five or more unique listings, as of April 2015.