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As of September 2014, the U.S. population is 318 million people and approximately 30 percent, or 95 million, have graduated college with a bachelor’s degree. Another 17 percent, or 54 million, have graduated with an associate's degree.


To find information on graduating classes or alumni, access the institution’s website, and then search for the graduating class by year. For statistical information on graduating classes, use the College Navigator tool offered by the U.S. Department of Education on the National Center for Education


For many, graduating early from college represents a significant financial advantage by reducing the amount of student-loan debt incurred. To finish college as quickly as possible, you need to create and stick to a plan that begins prior to enrollment. By taking advantage of extra and pre-enrollment


The federal college graduation rate reflects the percentage of students who remain at the same university and finish their degrees within six years. It is significantly different from the degree attainment rate, which measures how many students walk away from a university with a degree.


While high school graduation requirements vary by state and sometimes by school district, general graduation requirements include completion of four English, three math, three science, three social studies and enough elective units to total 20 to 24 units for all courses. In this context, each unit


The credits required to graduate from high school depend on the specific high school or high school system but generally include a mixture of credit or course requirements in math, science and language arts. The District of Columbia public school system, Portland public school system and the private


Some common college classes in the U.S. are freshman composition and U.S. history, states HumanitiesIndicators.org. Other common college classes include introductory literature and Western civilization/culture courses and language courses such as introductory and intermediate Spanish.


One easy way to write a formal college graduation announcement is to list the educational institution and the degree. The following is an example: “The faculty and graduating class of Neverland University are pleased to announce that Wendy Darling is a candidate for the Bachelor of Arts in Creative


Motivational quotes for new college graduates include Nelson Mandela's observation that "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" and Yoko Ono's "A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality." Motivational quotations for graduates


As of 2015, Michael Kearney is the youngest person to have graduated from college. After graduating high school at the age of 6 and getting his Associate's Degree from Santa Rosa Junior College, Kearney obtained his Bachelor's degree in anthropology from the University of South Alabama at 10 years o