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Minor/Additional Graduation Requirements. Optional Minor . Minimum Number of Units Required for Graduation. A bachelor of arts/bachelor of science degree requires a minimum of 180 units; at least sixty units must be upper division. John Muir College General Education SOCIAL SCIENCES—3 . Must be chosen from an approved three-course sequence.


For applicants who have received an admission offer, The Graduate College will certify the original transcript(s), test scores and other required documentation. For students admitted based on an incomplete transcript, certification will also include verification of grades and GPA on the final transcript.


General University Admission Requirements Academic Requirements Applicants must hold a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited US institution, or US equivalent. Grade Point Average For regular admission consideration, applicants should have a minimum undergraduate grade-point average of 2.50 on a scale of 4.0 from the bachelor’s degree granting institution. Some graduate programs ...


College General Education Requirements Upon entrance into college you are required to take basic college courses, also known as core classes. Such courses are designed to prepare students for the more advanced levels of classwork that lie ahead in their academic career.


Bachelor of Arts. Completion of Institutional Requirements. Completion of the General Education Requirements. Completion of at least 6 hours of study in one foreign language at (or above) the intermediate (200) college level, or completion of a minor within an arts and humanities discipline (ART, CNA, ENG, MUS, SPA, PHI), or completion of two majors within arts and humanities degree programs.


1. Check the college catalog. The basic core curriculum requirements vary by college or university. For example, the Duke University Language Arts program in North Carolina requires first-year students to enroll in a writing and seminar course, whereas Columbia College in New York City requires students to take six core classes, including writing, literature and civilization, before they can ...


This includes transfer credit admitted to the Berkeley record and advanced high school units admitted to your college record. Of the 120 total, the following is required: 36 upper division units (courses numbered between 100-199). Graduate-level courses numbered between 200-299 may also apply those units to the Upper Division Unit requirement.


Graduate and/or upper-level undergraduate courses taken in residence at an accredited U.S. institution, or approved international institution with a final grade of B or greater will be considered for transfer credit if, at the time the courses were completed, the student was in degree-seeking status at Texas A&M, or the student was in degree ...


A student can earn more than one degree at Tyler Junior College using the same General Education Core with the completion at Tyler Junior College of an additional 18–20 semester hours of work to meet the degree requirements of the specific area of emphasis. A student may not earn more than one Associate’s degree per calendar year.


Academic Advisor/Counselor - Academic Advisors are employees who help students know and understand requirements to graduate in their degree program. They help them select courses, understand and plan for pre-requisite courses, meet degree requirements, prepare for their career, and connect with college resources when necessary.