A Class 1, or Class A, fire rating means that the building material is highly resistant to fire and does not spread flames quickly. In the flame-spread rating test, a score of 0 to 25 constitutes a Class 1 rating. The sc... More »

A class A fire is a fire involving ordinary combustible materials. These materials include cloth, wood, paper, rubber and many plastics. Fire extinguishers labeled with the letter A are designed for use on such fires. More »

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There are several categories of fire rating classifications, including exterior wall fire-resistive rating, a flame spread rating, and the combustibility of a given material. Each rating has its own standards. More »

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Some other words for fire include blaze, inferno, heat, flames, sparks and glow. The discovery of fire was one of the first discoveries man made out of necessity. More »

According to ISO, the Fire Protection Class rating, or Fire Suppression Rating Schedule, assesses the readiness of local fire departments. ISO performs this functions for businesses interested in protecting their propert... More »

Some tips for creating a fire evacuation outline include drawing a floor plan of the building and marking at least two emergency exits per room such as windows and doors. Another tip for creating a fire evacuation outlin... More »

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Motorhome sizes are rated by class, including class A, B and C. Class B motorhomes are the smallest with Class C being the next size up and Class A having the largest models available. The class of a motorhome is also de... More »

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