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Clark Howard's website provides articles on various topics, including consumer issues, education, finance and health, among others. The website also provides podcasts, videos and photo galleries. As of 2015, visitors can find links to message boards and Clark Howard’s social media accounts, includin


As of 2015, Clark Howard’s net worth is $15 million. The radio host and American consumer advocate was born in 1955 and earned a bachelor’s degree in urban development. Howard developed the Consumer Action Center and became a consumer affairs reporter for WSB-TV.


Repairing bad credit requires paying down debt, making payments before deadlines, using a smaller portion of available credit and not closing credit cards after paying them off, as Clark Howard reports. Applying these strategies helps consumers with bad credit restore their credit history.


To compare natural gas rates between competing providers, visit the website of the state agency in your state that oversees that region's gas market. Some state agencies publish current rates from different providers. To compare different rates within the same company, visit that company's website t


Natural gas companies, such as Norwich Public Utilities, IGS Energy, Piedmont Natural Gas, Liberty Utilities and Cascade Natural Gas, usually post gas rates on their company websites. Companies such as Cascade Gas also provide charts you can use to compare gas rates and savings between rival compani


Credit freezes are most beneficial for individuals who have experienced identity theft, advises Clark Howard. Individuals who regularly need to permit access to their credit reports should not freeze their credit.


The Georgia Public Service Commission's website produces monthly charts that detail companies and their rates for natural gas. Monthly charts are available as far back as 2002.


Clark Howard's radio show has a 4.5 out of 5 rating on Yelp.com, as of 2015. Slate.com considers Howard a financial guru, suggesting his financial advice is reputable.


The best way for home or business owners to calculate natural gas rates is to use a rate calculator provided by companies such as South Jersey Gas, GasGeorgia and Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania. The cost of gas and gas service can vary from one service provider to another so it is very difficult to us


Natural gas is a fossil fuel composed of flammable gases, primarily methane, that formed from decaying organisms buried deep beneath the Earth's surface due to intense heat and pressure over thousands of years. It is one of the major energy sources throughout the United States and the world.