The mantle of a clam is within the interior of the shell. It lines the underside of both shell valves and contains the animal's internal organs. The outside surface of the mantle is made up of mantle lobes, and the inter... More »

A clam uses its singular foot to dig down into the sand and draw nourishment into its palps, which are filled with mucus. The clam uses a filter-like siphon to transport food into its mouth, where a second filter-like si... More »

All mollusks have a common ancestor in the annelid worm, are primarily aquatic animals, have soft bodies, have hard shells (the exoskeleton), have a mantle (thin tissue) and have an open circulatory system. Mollusks incl... More »

While Paula Deen does not have a clam chowder recipe online, her sons Jamie and Bobby have a clam chowder recipe is available on their web site, The recipe calls for 13 ingredients. More »

To grill lobster tails, use kitchen shears to cut through the underside of the shell, exposing the meat. Brush the tails with seasoned butter. Skewer the lobsters, place them over medium-high heat on a grill, and cook fo... More » Food Cooking Seafood

The amount of time scallops stay fresh depends on a number of factors, such as whether the scallops are shucked or still in the shell; for example, fresh shucked scallops can stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to four... More »

One easy recipe for lobster tails is broiling, where you expose the meat in the shell, coat it with olive oil or butter, and place it under an oven broiler for approximately 10 minutes. Also try baking butter-coated lobs... More » Food Cooking Seafood