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Washington, D.C. is steeped in history—especially around its Civil War battlefields. They are beautiful sites to visit and pay tribute to American war heroes. The capital region was critical in the development of the war, not only as home to the federal government but also because of its close proximity to the borders of the north and south.


There are countless historic sites and landmarks throughout the Northern Virginia and Washington, DC area, but some of our favorite places to visit are the Civil War Battlefields. The American Civil War was fought between 1861 and 1865 between the northern states (the Union) and the southern states (the Confederacy).


Perhaps the most popular and best preserved of all Civil War battlefields near Washington DC lies just 80 miles north of the District. Gettysburg National Military Park was the sight of the Battle of Gettysburg, the clash many consider to be the turning point of the Civil War, ...


More American Civil War battles were fought in the Capital Region than anywhere else in the USA. Explore Civil War tours and trails throughout Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia to add a powerful dose of history to your holiday.


As the wife and mother of two military history buffs, I've been to all of these Civil War battlefields more than once. I think that Gettysburg is the "premier" battlefield that you should see, but there are a lot of them to see within a 2 - 2.5 hour drive of D.C.: Manassas, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Richmond,Petersburg, the Wilderness, Chancellorsville, Harper's Ferry, etc.


The U.S. Civil War began at Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861, when Confederate artillery unleashed a barrage on the Federal fort. Sumter’s Union defenders surrendered after 34 hours; two soldiers ...


V irginia's six Civil War-oriented National Parks together draw millions of visitors each year.. Manassas National Battlefield. Located just north of I-66 and near Washington, DC, Manassas National Battlefield Park highlights two battles fought near a little stream called Bull Run. The first battle in the summer of 1861 is considered the first major battle of the war and was a decisive ...


5 Baltimore Civil War Museum at President Street Station. Site of the Pratt Street Riots where Confederate sympathizers attacked Union troops changing trains, the skirmish was the first bloodshed of the War Between the States. A short water-taxi ride will take you to Fort McHenry which was utilized as a Union prison camp.


The Civil War in Fairfax County and the Capital Region. Explore the critical role of Fairfax County in Civil War history. You’ll find yourself visiting multiple Northern Virginia Civil War historical sites, including battlefields, parks, trails, and memorials. The total American Civil War immersive experience is found both inside and outside ...


Civil War in Washington DC Tour Washington was an armed camp during the Civil War and many of its significant military sites remain in good order. The Civil War in Washington DC Tour is is a can’t miss journey for Civil War buffs or those with an interest in 19th century military history.