The best way to search for an inmate in Atlanta city jails is to call the jail directly and ask if a certain inmate is incarcerated there. There is also a direct website for Atlanta jails, called ICE, that has a detainee... More » Government & Politics Public Records

A roster of inmates in the city jail is usually found on the official websites of the city's police department or jail division. Some cities provide an online inmate roster available for general public viewing, while oth... More » Government & Politics Public Records

Navigate to the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office Metro Jail, Jail Docket and Roster Web page, select the date, and click on the link to obtain a list of Salt Lake City jail inmates as of 2015. The list gives the name, h... More » Government & Politics Public Records

A Securus inmate telephone account is prepaid by an inmate's connections outside the detention facility, and it lets inmates make phone calls from participating jails and prisons. There are several plans available, all o... More » Government & Politics Public Records

Searching for inmates in U.S. jails is legal but can be a difficult and time-consuming effort, according to Each jurisdiction has its own system. Some are more complicated to use than others, and th... More » Government & Politics Public Records

VineLink allows the public to search the custody status of inmates serving in Virginia's local and regional jails, including in Chesapeake City. VineLink also provides photos of offenders for all county and city jails in... More »

The website of the Broward Sheriff's Office allows users to look up arrest information of inmates currently incarcerated in different jails in Broward County. The site also provides other information, such as bail inform... More » Government & Politics Public Records