Places named after Christopher Columbus include Colombia, the South American country, Washington, D.C. and Columbia, S.C. Several states in the United States, including Ohio, Georgia, Mississippi and New York have cities... More »

Christopher Columbus is considered a hero because he traveled to the New World and launched a series of expeditions and migrations. The money he brought to European empires gave him the status of a hero. However, modern ... More »

Many people believe that Columbus Day should not be celebrated because Christopher Columbus committed atrocities against Native Americans. They argue that it creates a false narrative about the discovery of the Americas ... More »

A Washington, D.C., travel guide contains information for visitors about the city, such as restaurants, lodging and main attractions. Washington, D.C. travel guides may also recommend historic places of interest. More »

Some people may be including Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico when counting the number of states. Neither of these are officially considered states. More »

The capitals of all 50 American states are Sacramento in California, Montgomery in Alabama, Denver in Colorado, Juneau in Alaska, Dover in Delaware, Phoenix in Arizona, Boise in Idaho, Little Rock in Arkansas, Hartford i... More »

Christopher Columbus married Felipa Moniz Perestrelo in 1477. She died approximately two or three years later giving birth to their son, who was christened Diego. More »