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The tuba has been used in jazz since the genre's inception. In the earliest years, bands often used a tuba for outdoor playing and a double bass for indoor performances. In this context, the tuba was sometimes called "brass bass", as opposed to the double bass (string bass). Many musicians played both instruments.


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Tuba: Tuba, deep-pitched brass wind instrument with valves and wide conical bore. The word tuba originally was the name of a straight-built Roman trumpet and was the medieval Latin word for trumpet. Valved bass brass instruments for bands are mentioned as early as 1829, but little is now known about


Tuba. Tuba Quartet (35) Tuba Quintet (7) Tuba Sextet (5) Tuba Octet (3) Tuba & Piano (6) Articles for Student Brass Players Circular Breathing: When and How to Use It. Kevin Thompson. Circular breathing is a technique that wind players use to avoid putting breaks in the music. This can be handy in certain situations, and anyone can learn to do it!


The first tuba was invented by Edme Guillaume in 1590. It was made of wood and leather. The modern tuba is the creation of Wilhelm Wieprecht and Johann Gottfried Moritz in 1835. The tuba was created as a way of adding a deep bass element to musical groups.


"The Sousaphone received its name through a suggestion made by me to J. W. Pepper, the instrument manufacturer of Philadelphia, fully 30 odd years ago. At that time, the United States Marine Band of Washington, D. C., of which I was conductor, used a double B-flat bass tuba of circular form know as a 'Helicon.'


‘Giant’ Tuba Players Were a Hallmark of Sousa’s Band. Posted on April 6, 2016 Updated on January 14, 2019. John Philip Sousa. By Ken Zurski. John Philip Sousa, known affectionately as the “March King,” not only composed stirring music for marching bands, he helped define it as well.Disappointed by the sound of the standard B-flat bass tuba – the one with the circular bell opening ...


Helicon: Helicon, a large, valved bass brass instrument that is a member of the tuba family. Developed in 1845 by Ignaz Stowasser of Vienna, it has a spiral circular form that allows the helicon’s bell (the flared end of the instrument) to rest on the player’s left shoulder and, thus, makes the instrument


This video is a short tutorial on circular breathing. Best way to improve your circular breathing is to practice. Don't just play long notes, play songs!!


Civil War Era Replica Instruments. In the late 1970s when I got my first job repairing brass instruments, American Civil War era instruments were already becoming valuable. It was suggested to me that I could rearrange parts from junk instruments to make the bell point backwards just like the re-enactor bands wanted.