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To test a circuit breaker using a multimeter, remove the circuit breaker box cover and turn the switch on. Using the multimeter's red prong, touch the screw that connects to the breaker. Touch the grounded box using the black prong. If there's no voltage reading, then t...


A circuit breaker cuts off an electrical circuit in building wiring any time that electrical current goes above a safe level. Its function is similar to a fuse, although circuit breakers can be used more than once.


To change a circuit breaker, switch off the main circuit breaker, and unscrew the load terminal wire. Remove the old breaker, and reverse the sequence used to remove it to install the new one. Use a voltage tester, a screw driver, and a new circuit breaker to complete t...


Relectric Supply sells ITE circuit breakers online via the company website and AllBreakers.com. Electric Motor Supply Company and Bay Breakers also offer ITE-Siemens circuit breakers. Electric Control Equipment Company is another source for ITE circuit breakers.


Standard, GFCI and AFCI are the three different types of circuit breakers. The one needed for a particular project is dependent on what wattage goes through it.


The function of a circuit breaker is to cut off electrical power if wiring is overloaded with current. They help prevent fires that can result when wires are overloaded with electricity.


People can regularly check circuit breakers before they fail or check breakers that have tripped with a digital multimeter. They must first unplug all appliances leading to circuit breakers they are testing.