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The New Testament of the Bible places great importance on assembly and sharing the Christian message. Church is important to a Christian so she can not only develop a relationship with God, but also with other Christians.


The "First Lady" of a church is the pastor's wife. The Bible does not set any specific roles for the pastor's wife, but she typically supports her husband's calling and works with him to perform God's work.


The Universal Life Church is a non-denominational religious organization that offers online ordinations as a ULC minister for free. The church has no standing doctrine and simply believes in doing what is right. With a ULC ordination, an individual can perform legal wedding ceremonies, baptism and f


Non-denominational churches refer to Christian churches that are independent of the established Christian denominations. These churches are, however, traditionally protestant or are officially declared autonomous. Most non-denominational churches have unique doctrines and leadership that is not answ


The six images, sometimes referred to as models, of the Church are Institution, Communion, Sacrament, Herald, Servant and Community. As an Institution, the Church is made up of buildings and has an organized structure and rules. It is hierarchy, not a democracy. In the case of the Catholic Church, C


Richard Allen founded the African Methodist Episcopal Church in 1816. The A.M.E. Church's membership grew rapidly during the 1800s, and congregations exist in more than 30 countries around the world.


The Word of Faith Church is a Christian religious movement fathered by Kenneth Hagin and his interpretation of Phineas Parkhurst Quimby and E.W. Kenyon that focuses on the belief that words can manifest objects that the faithful desire. According to Gospel Outreach, these teachings directly contradi


As of 2015, the New Life Church is not a denomination church; it classifies itself as a non-denominational church that is based on the Nicene Creed as its statement of faith. The New Life Church is an Evangelical Christian establishment and is host to three congregations throughout the week.


A good poem about church is Philip Larkin's "Church Going." This poem explores the meaning of a church building in the modern era through the skeptical, yet respectful eyes of a non-religious person.


Some major differences between the Roman Catholic Church and the Church of England (Anglican) include women, gays and lesbians in the clergy; priests are allowed to marry; and greater local control over churches instead of a strong central authority, according to About.com. The Anglican Church was s