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A church anniversary is an occasion that is worth planning for. A celebration such as this gives us a chance to escape from the daily humdrum of life, and enables us to discover who we are, taking us back to our roots. Here are some ideas you can use to plan your church’s anniversary, with the help of your fellow members.


Church anniversaries are a meaningful milestone, whether it is a church's first anniversary or the 100th year that a church has been serving a community. Whatever the year, there are some fun things you can do to celebrate your church's anniversary.


Strategies for Successful Church Anniversary Celebrations 1. Make some anniversary celebrations a big deal. Every year on the anniversary weekend, we do some something special, but it isn’t usually the focus of the service. We make a bigger deal of the anniversary every fifth year – our 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, and recently, the 25th ...


Strong organization, focus and dedication of a committed team, along with creative fund raising ideas, are key elements for a successful church anniversary celebration. Announce the anniversary date well in advance, to the church community and all members during staff meetings and worship services.


PLANNING IDEAS FOR A CHURCH ANNIVERSARY . Start well in advance of the date, at least 1 year. Set up a committee to do the planning. Select a theme. Choose a Sunday for the special service. Consider a candlelight service for Saturday evening. Invite area churches, representative from the NACCC, community leaders.


Church Anniversary Ideas Create and Publish a Church History - The older your church is the more important that this becomes but even younger churches need to pay attention to this for when their church becomes older historians will have materials to work with on their church anniversary events.


Preparing The Church Anniversary Newsletter. The questions the Church Newsletter Editor asked In preparing the Church Anniversary Theme Edition: By the way, after reflecting on these ideas for anniversary celebration activities, I believe they could become the basis for writing a book based on the Church Anniversary Theme..


Take Time to Celebrate: How to plan for your church's anniversary. RW 26. In December, 1990, our congregation—Neland Avenue Christian Reformed Church of Grand Rapids, Michigan—celebrated its 75th anniversary. ... but here are some suggestions to get you started; you can choose and elaborate on the ones that best fit your congregation and ...


You can even give this gift for specialized occasions throughout the year, such as to mothers on Mother’s Day or to couples on their one year anniversary. This shows an extra level of thought and appreciation for your church parishioners. Conclusion. You don’t need to break the offering plate to give your church members a gift.


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