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The 100-year anniversary is an opportunity to celebrate the lives and works of all who have worshiped there. With a little thought and imagination you can make it a celebration that will be remembered for years to come.


Ideas for a Church's 100th Anniversary Celebration ... If your church has a 100-year anniversary approaching, plan a special service and a celebratory menu for everyone to enjoy. Service. If your religion or denomination has a standard for an anniversary service, follow that liturgy.


Ideas for Celebrating Church 100 Year Anniversary thumbnail A century is a milestone for any building, but for a church it represents a particular achievement at the heart of its community. Church Party Activities for Adults Open up your celebrations to make it a true community affair. Ideas+for+Celebrating+Church+100+Year+Anniversary+ See more


12 Remarkable and Creative Church Anniversary Celebration Ideas. Is the anniversary of your church coming up? Do you want to celebrate and make it a special occasion for everyone to remember? CelebrationJoy comes up with some ideas that you can use to celebrate your church anniversary.


Ideas for Celebrating Church 100 Year Anniversary A century is a milestone for any building, but for a church it represents a particular achievement at the heart of its community. Ideas for Celebrating Church 100 Year Anniversary | eHow See more.


Church anniversaries are a meaningful milestone, whether it is a church's first anniversary or the 100th year that a church has been serving a community. Whatever the year, there are some fun things you can do to celebrate your church's anniversary.


Strategies for Successful Church Anniversary Celebrations 1. Make some anniversary celebrations a big deal. Every year on the anniversary weekend, we do some something special, but it isn’t usually the focus of the service. We make a bigger deal of the anniversary every fifth year – our 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, and recently, the 25th ...


CELEBRATING YOUR CHURCH'S ANNIVERSARY: ... VARIOUS IDEAS FOR ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONS: 1. Write and publish a church history. This becomes more important the older the church is, but even younger churches need to give attention to this, so that in later years, historians will have materials to work with. ... Churches over 100 years old should ...


Church celebrates 100 years of worship. ... It's OK to disagree with someone's ideas, but personal attacks, insults, threats, hate speech, advocating violence and other violations can result in a ...


PLANNING IDEAS FOR A CHURCH ANNIVERSARY . Start well in advance of the date, at least 1 year. ... create a scrapbook of the celebration. Other events: special choir concert, a dinner (reservations and tickets to cover cost), open house for ... church 100 years ago. Include pictures of people and places of the community, state and world.