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How many guys here have ever eaten chukar (or red-legged partridge, as they're known in some circles)? Since most here don't live in the West, I'm guessing that many haven't. Well, don't pass it up if you get the opportunity. For my money, they make the best table fare of any of the upland game birds.


The chukar partridge is part of a confusing group of "red-legged partridges". Several plumage variations within the widespread distribution of the chukar partridge have been described and designated as subspecies. In the past the chukar group was included with the rock partridge (also known as the Greek partridge).


When people ask me what pheasant taste like, I tell them it tastes like pheasant. Chukar? Tastes like Chukar. Deer meat? Tastes like deer meat. But Ruffed Grouse is the only wild bird I've every eaten that did, in fact, taste a lot like chicken. Only drier. If you want to cook wild bird meat and have it turn our moist, tender, and juicy, try ...


Chukar Partridge Meat - 1 Dressed Bird USDA Certified Partridge Meat Partridge has a subtle taste and is a good introduction for those people trying the game for the first time. Partridge is a very lean meat, with a mild gamey flavor. The


recreation, the chukar partridge in recent years has gained popularity as a gourmet food. The texture and taste of cooked partridge compares favorably with that of the Bobwhite quail. With modern techniques it is possible to raise chicks during any season, thus producing a mar- ketable product all year. This has definite


Photo by Holly A. Heyser. Pheasant, snipe, quail, wild turkey, partridge, grouse. These are the chicken of wild game birds. Pheasants being the semi-wild cousins of chickens, and quail, partridges and chukars all being accessible from a taste standpoint.


The Chukar Partridge or Chukar (Alectoris chukar) is the national bird of Pakistan. ... it taste kind of like a moose or elk. a real gamey taste. and no it does not taste like chicken.


Chukar Partridge Hatching Eggs. Alectoris chukar. Available March to August. Chukar Partridge are fabulous sporting and collecting birds. They have bright blue-gray and light pink shell-like coloring with red legs, bills, and eye-rings.


I love the taste of chukar. I like to either cook it on the grill with alittle Ital Dressing (as mentioned above) or cut it into strips, dredge in seasoned flour, deep fry, then dip in either sweet/ sour apricot or BBQ sauce. HHHUUUMMM..