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Many Dodge - Chrysler vehicles are equipped with radios that require a special anti-theft radio code. This code is not required, unless the radio is removed from the vehicle, or the vehicles battery is disconnected. You should always have a copy of your radio code in a safe place, not in the vehicle!


Radio Decoding and Entering your Code Radio Decoding for all Chrysler Jeep and Dodge Stock Units. We have a full decode facility on site, using just the units serial number we can obtain the original factory code.


Lost your Chrysler radio code? Chrysler radios and navigation systems are protected with a special anti-theft code. This Chrysler radio code ensures that the radio cannot be used by unauthorized persons, your radio will not work without the code and the access to the menu is disabled.


Car stereos that come equipped with anti-theft systems may require a reset of the security code. In the event the battery is disconnected from the unit (the result of failure or replacement), you will be required to reset the four digit code that serves as a safeguard against theft of the stereo.


As Cool_V_300C noted, as long as your original radio is the one installed, the Anti-Theft code will clear itself in time. Turn the car off, making sure that you give it enough time to really turn off by opening a door and waiting for the blue light around the USB port in the center console to turn off, then turn it back on.


Some car radios come with an anti-theft feature that kicks in whenever they lose battery power. This feature typically locks the unit up until the correct car radio code is entered. The code is almost always specific to not only the make and model of the radio, but also to that specific unit.


I need my radio's Anti-theft VIN Lock code? I just bought it from an EBay auto dismantler and should have it within a week. I do have proof that I bought it and that the car it was in was auctioned at an auto wrecker auction site if you need that information.


Our Chrysler Radio Code service caters for all models within the range. We are Code Retrieval Experts with years of experience within the Motor Trade specialising in Chrysler anti theft security codes. Our online Chrysler Database gives instant access to your radio code seven days a week.