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Physical retail stores that sell automotive parts carry replacement wheel caps. However, these stores may not carry the particular brand and exact part that you may need, as wheel caps differ vastly by make and model.


Vinegar can be used to clean chrome wheels that are too tarnished and dirty to respond to milder cleaning agents. Any type of vinegar can be used, but care should be taken to use clean sections of a soft cleaning cloth to avoid scratching the chrome finish.


Companies that specialize in fixing chrome wheels include Houston Wheel Repair in Houston, Texas, and North Carolina-based RimGuard Xtreme, which offers service throughout the United States, as of 2015. Chicago Rim Repair in Highland Park, Illinois, straightens chrome wheels, but it does not re-chro


Companies such as Wheels America and United Wheel Repair offer chrome rim and general wheel repair services. Individuals can visit store locations or ship damaged wheels for repair. As of September 2015, store locations are available on WheelsAmerica.com and UnitedWheelRepair.com.


Chrome wheels can be purchased online from auto parts e-commerce websites such as Discounted Wheel Warehouse, TireCrazy and Wheelfire. These wheel and tire retailers offer a wide array of products and services at discounted prices.


To clean chrome wire spoke wheels, spray them with pressure washer, wash them with mild soap followed by wire wheel cleaner, rinse and dry the wheels, and then polish them. Waxing the wheel spokes to cushion them from dirt completes this process.


A wheel center cap is a decorative piece that covers the center of an automobile wheel and helps keep dirt away from the wheel bearings and the axle. Depending on the model, a wheel cap covers the lug nuts if the lug nuts are not part of the design.


Custom wheel caps are available through services like Upstream Center Caps. The center of the wheel cap can be customized with any design.


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Factors to look for in aftermarket wheel caps include affordability, quality and wheel cap design. This is because the wheel caps serve both a practical and a decorative purpose.