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Bumpers can come in many different shapes and sizes, and they do a lot to enhance the look of any vehicle. If you have a bumper that the chrome finish is flaking off, or there are areas of rust or even pitting, locating a company that can fix all of this at a reasonable price could be difficult to find [go to QUOTE.CFM]


Our main goal at Tri-City Plating is to provide quality re-chromed bumpers to classic car enthusiasts and restoration shops. We also provide re-chroming services on steel and brass substrates such as trim moldings and grills.


Paul’s Chrome Plating, Inc. is a family owned and operated chrome plating shop providing custom show plating services. Paul’s Chrome is pleased to have earned a well-respected reputation for producing and restoring high quality chrome plated products, both for individuals and restoration shops.


With thousands of antique bumper cores to choose from, we may be able to replace your heavily damaged or missing bumper. Purchasing a bumper core from our collection and having us re-chrome it, removes the risk of buying “unrepairable” cores from other vendors. It will save you time and money.


We Specialize in reconditioning vintage classic bumpers. We carry a large stock of GMC, FORD, and Chrysler bumpers. You can buy out right, with a trade in, or rechrome yours. We also chrome grills, guards, moldings, pot metal and miscellaneous parts.


Ultimate Quality Bumpers & Wheels provide customers with over 15 years of service quality experience. Our experts give ultimate quality bumpers and wheels the ability to repair almost any of your damaged parts and help you complete your restoration projects, Whether you are looking to repair or re-chrome your wheels or bumpers, chrome out your motorcycle or restore a classic car or truck.


We can come to your place of business and pick up your bumpers or trim for restoration. Fabrication. We have a full service chrome shop where we can repair and recondition any bumper, tail light, console, bezel, trim, etc. Welding. We can weld and repair most anything! Send your stainless steel, aluminum, pot metal, brass, copper, cast iron, or ...


A chrome bumper looks great on any vehicle. Unfortunately, weather and road corrosives can make any bumper appear dingy or foggy. But there is a quick fix to restore the chrome on your vehicle's bumper and make it look as good as new. With just a little time, your bumper can be cleaned, polished and waxed, all ...


This is the best way to restore and polish rusty or oxidized chrome! Remove rust from chrome and don't waste your money getting it re-plated! Buy Midwest Gar...


Each chrome piece we finish is hand-straightened, ground, and polished for a flawless result every time. We provide our customers with one-on-one professional service from start to finish. In addition to custom chroming and antique bumpers, we also chrome various small parts such as door handles and emblems.