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Specialist retailers that sell center caps for chrome rims include Wheels and Caps, CenterCapsDirect.com and RimCenterCap.com, as of 2016. Additional sources for chrome rim center caps include AutoAmenity.com and SummitRacing.com.


Google Chrome has a disconnect function that enables users to immediately sign out. Signing out of Chrome, which shouldn't be confused with logging out, is tantamount to users disconnecting from their Google account.


One of the best and most inexpensive ways to clean chrome is with aluminum foil. This is done by crinkling the foil up and wet ting it.


To speed up Google Chrome, access the Settings menu, disable the plugins and extensions that you don't use, clear the browsing data, and empty the cache. Finally, download the Google Software Removal Tool, and use it to remove any malware that negatively affects Chrome.


Google Chrome is an Internet browser designed by Google. The software is free to download and features tabbed browsing, extensions and crash control. The browser can also be used in incognito mode, allowing users to browse the web in privacy.


As of 2015, to update Chrome, click the Chrome menu icon, select About Google Chrome or Update Google Chrome, and close your browser to apply changes. Chrome usually automatically applies updates without notification when you close your browser.


The most common reasons that cause Chrome to become slow include plugins, extensions and a large amount of data being stored in the cache. Because Chrome is a very memory-intensive browser, computers that use slow processors and don’t have access to enough memory often experience sluggishness when r


To allow all pop-ups in Chrome, first access the advanced settings through the Settings page, then go to Content Settings under the Privacy section, and allow Chrome to accept pop-ups from all websites. Keep in mind that it's recommended not to allow pop-ups from all websites.


Cleaning chrome surfaces generally requires a cleaning product, soft rag and water. Never use an abrasive cleaner on chrome, as they can easily scratch or dull the surface. Many companies produce products specifically for cleaning chrome, but vinegar, rubbing alcohol, soft metal cleaner, lemons and


Removing scratches from a chrome surface entails applying polish to an extremely fine steel wool pad, then sanding the scratch from the surface. Use red jewelers rouge or a chrome polish for this project, as well as a soft cloth or #000 steel wool pad. Use this process only for light scratches on th