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Universal Chrome Center Cap 3.3 Inch Diameter. Lost your wheel center cap. If was it a push through style, then this could be the perfect replacement. Generic replacement cap - 3.3 inch diameter closed end - 3.25 inches tall and 1.5 top diameter. Never break another center cap, these are chromed steel.


Find the STI Chrome Universal Center Cap - CAPSTH2137C at Dennis Kirk. Shop our complete selection of Dirt Bike Motocross parts and accessories including the STI Chrome Universal Center Cap - CAPSTH2137C. www.denniskirk.com. 800-969-7501. We'll ship today if ordered in: 1 8 HR: 4 0 MIN: 4 4 SEC ...


Universal Chrome Center Cap 3.195 Diameter Closed End Universal replacement center cap 3.195 diameter closed end, 3. 195in. od standard style cap. Gorilla has several styles of center caps for use on their wheels that are available in many sizes, finishes and the correct cap may be dependent on your size of wheel and hub bore.


REAR STANDARD CHROME HUB CAP (8.25" DIA. X 2.75" HIGH) Usa Star. $4.99 1 1/2" Lug Nut Puller. Trux Accessories. ... United Pacific. $5.99 Universal Front Hub Cap - 1" Lip. United Pacific. $5.99 Universal Front Hub Cap - Pointed Style. United Pacific. $5.99 1 2 Next. Truck City Chrome & Parts. Truck City Chrome & Parts


Fitment: Universal Material: Plastic With Steel Clips Style: 24 Vent Finish: Silver/Chrome Size: Fits 16 Inch Standard Steel Wheels Notes: Center Caps CAN be Removed for Manual 4x4 Hubs. Notes: Add Quantity of 1 to Basket for 4(four) Hubcaps.


The decorative disk otherwise know as a center cap can lose their luster, become loose, warped, banged and scratched, no longer protecting your wheels by keeping dirt away from the spindle, nut and wheel bearings. Aftermarket Center Caps from SWC are well made, durable and will last for years. Our aftermarket center caps save you money compared to OEM center caps.


A typical small cap always snaps into the center wheel. A style chrome center cap sits flush with the wheel and covers lug bolts. A second class of center cap is a larger, styled piece that is joined-up into the wheel design. These are usually found on aluminum wheels and sit completely flush with the remaining rim.


Fitment: Not Universal Material: Plastic Style: 24 Slot Finish: Silver Painted or Chrome Size: Fits 15 Inch Standard Steel Wheels Notes: Center Caps and Fastening Caps ARE Included . Add Quantity of 1 to Basket for 4(four) Hubcaps.


Building wheels that fit properly for a wide range of vehicles, in various models, sizes and finishes requires hundreds of different center caps. Both the custom wheel dealer and end user, often find it confusing and difficult to find and purchase the correct replacement cap for a particular wheel.


2 piece center cap outside part #: 178-B LORBH-DOWN CAP and inside part #: 178-BL-CAP LG0412-32 Scorpion Offroad Wheels Center Cap Display Model