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Google Chrome is available for download free of charge, as of 2015. Download.com offers a download platform for Google Chrome for different computer operating systems.


Soap and water, white vinegar and aluminum foil all make good cleaners for chrome-finished items. For chrome wheels or car parts, use a professional-strength cleaner.


To paint a chrome surface, clean and sand the surface, then prime it before spraying on the paint. Use clean rags, sand paper, primer, lacquer thinner, clear finish, soap and water to accomplish this task.


To clear your browsing history in Google Chrome, open the browser and find the Tools menu. From this menu, specify the clear options, and erase the browsing history.


Google Chrome can slow down due to plugins, extensions, browsing data and the hardware acceleration feature. As of 2014, Google offers a software removal tool for removing programs that interfere with Chrome's operation.


When searching for Ford center caps online, as of 2016, buyers can start their search at several websites, including Suburbanwheelcover.com, Hubcaps.org and Hubcaphaven.com. These sites have a broad collection of Ford center caps for different Ford models, at various prices.


To polish chrome, clean the surface well to remove dirt and oil residue. Then, use water with aluminum foil to remove rust and make the chrome shine.


Chrome does rust, because it is a metal that readily interacts with moisture and oxygen. Chrome is formed by electroplating a metal with the element chromium, which has greater corrosion resistance than most other metals and increases the durability of the surface.


To remove the Snap.do toolbar from Google Chrome, uninstall it using the Programs and Features list that can be accessed via the Control Panel. Once it is uninstalled, remove it from the list of search engines in Google Chrome, and reset the On Startup function.


To set the homepage on Google Chrome, click the main menu button in the top-right corner of your window, and select Settings. Under the Appearance section, check the Show Home Button box. When the New Tab page option appears, click on the Change link to set your homepage.