A list of Christopher Columbus' crew for the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria, the three ships that sailed on Columbus' first voyage, does exit. As of 2014, no records have been found indicating the crew members of subsequent... More »

Columbus was born in the Italian republic of Genoa as the son of a wool weaver, and little is known about his childhood. He may have attended school, but very little is known as his parents were not wealthy enough nor no... More »

Christopher Columbus was the man credited with the discovery of America. He sailed from Spain towards the West in hope of reaching Asia but ended up in America after a long and tedious journey that almost led to mutiny b... More »

On the explorer's first voyage to the New World in 1492, Christopher Columbus and his crew landed at an island called Guanahani by the locals and named San Salvador by Columbus. It was located in the Bahamas, but Guanaha... More »

King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain sponsored Christopher Columbus's first voyage in 1492. Under the terms of the sponsorship, Columbus would become viceroy of all lands discovered and keep 1/10 of all valuables f... More »

Before attempting his first voyage to the Americas, Christopher Columbus made a business agreement with Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain that entitled him to 10 percent of any profits he made during his voyage.... More »

Christopher Columbus' first voyage across the Atlantic took approximately two months. Christopher Columbus started his voyage in Palos, Spain in early August of 1492 with three ships: the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Ma... More »