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Traditions of Christian pilgrimage. Christian pilgrimage was first made to sites connected with the birth, life, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.Aside from the early example of Origen in the third century, surviving descriptions of Christian pilgrimages to the Holy Land date from the 4th century, when pilgrimage was encouraged by church fathers including Saint Jerome, and established by ...


Pilgrimage. The literal or metaphorical movement to a condition or place of holiness or healing. Pilgrimage may be interior or exterior. Interior pilgrimage is the movement of a life from a relatively abject condition to the goal (ultimate or proximate) in a particular religion: John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress is a classic Christian expression of this theme, particularly as expressed ...


10 Surprising Facts About Pilgrimage In The Middle Ages. Laura Martisiute November 5, 2016. Share 54. Tweet. Pin 4. ... By the 13th century, overland pilgrimage routes to the Christian Holy Land became increasingly dangerous, and as a consequence, few Christians were brave enough to make these overland journeys.


Facts on topics related to Christian pilgrimage. Pilgrimage; Flaithbertach Ua Néill, king of Ailech in Ireland, was called Flaithbertach an Trostáin, Flaithbertach of the Pilgrim's staff, as a result of his pilgrimage to Rome in 1030?


Christian pilgrims to Jerusalem are not recorded until the 4th century. It was the conversion to Christianity of Constantine I (the Great) and the famous pilgrimage (326) of his mother, St. Helena, who found the True Cross, that made possible the building of the great shrines… Read More; Palestine


Facts about Lourdes, France. The most visited pilgrimage shrine in the Christian world, Lourdes is not an ancient site but of more recent development. Lourdes is the site of a Marian apparition in 1858. The pilgrimage season at Lourdes lasts from April through October, with the main day being August 15, the Marian Feast of Assumption.


A pilgrimage is when people travel to a place of worship that is usually far away. They may have to go to a different city or country. Usually a pilgrimage is done for spiritual or religious reasons. Muslims have to do a pilgrimage to Mecca. This is called Hajj. Other modern-day pilgrimages include the Way of St. James, and the pilgrimage to ...


Pilgrimage. Facts and interesting information about Medieval Religion and philosophy, specifically, Christian Pilgrimage Definition of a Pilgrimage Definition of a Pilgrimage: A Pilgrimage is a journey to a holy place or shrine undertaken as a spiritual quest to obtain supernatural help or as a form of penance for sins.


Detail from church in Santiago de Compostela (Lori Erickson photo) The story of the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela is intertwined with the history of Christianity. After Jesus’ resurrection, St. James became the leader of the church in Jerusalem.


Christian Pilgrimage to Israel. Israel holds a place in the heart of every Christian as the country where Jesus was born, lived and died. Many thousands of Christians make the pilgrimage to the Holy Land every year to see the ancient sites where Jesus’ life played out.