Acetone breaks down chlorophyll's lipid bonds to a plant's thylakoid structure and suspends the pigment in solution. Acetone is the standard solvent for chlorophyll extraction, but ethanol, methanol, propanol, petroleum ... More »

Scientists remove chlorophyll from plants using extraction with an organic solvent. The solvent dissolves the chlorophyll while leaving other materials intact, according to Plant Methods. More »

The hydration sphere, a form of solvation shell, is a chemical structure that surrounds a solute in a solution in which the solvent is water. The individual water molecules adhere to the solute in the solution and form a... More »

Some common ways to purify organic compounds include distillation, recrystallization, dialysis and extraction. Colorado University reveals distillation uses the evaporation of compounds to achieve purification, while Por... More » Science Chemistry Organic Chemistry

Perming works by inflicting damage to the structure of the hair by applying a solution that break the bonds that hold the keratin on the hair together. Another solution is applied to the hair for the keratin to fuse toge... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Chemical Hair Treatments

Denatured proteins are hydrolyzed, and the peptide bonds are broken down into easily digestible amino acids. Protein supplements often contain denatured proteins to increase absorption. Athletes use denatured proteins to... More »

Examples of inorganic substances include all metals, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, salt, minerals such as gypsum and generally all compounds that do not contain carbon-hydrogen bonds. By definition, an inorganic s... More »