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The pienfu, the changpao and the shenyi are the three main types of traditional Chinese clothing. Other examples of traditional clothing include the Pao, changshan and beizi. Qipao is another type of Chinese clothing.


Traditional Chinese clothing varies widely depending on the region of the country and the time period it is from. However, many articles of clothing share some broad characteristics. Traditional Chinese clothing tends to be long, loose-fitting and layered, with robes being more common for both men a


While there are many Chinese New Year traditions, the most common and well known are the fireworks displays that are kicked off the evening before New Year's Day. These firework displays are said to be an homage to the noise, bright red colors and lights used to drive away the mythical beast Nien.


Chinese cultural traditions include Chinese shadow puppetry, the use of chopsticks, foot binding and colorful festivals. These traditions offer insight into China's rich 5,000-year history.


Some traditional Chinese customs include the celebration of the Lunar New Year, the Moon Festival in fall and considering the color red to be associated with good luck and happiness. Customs differ depending on the area of China, but customs such as celebrations and greetings span across regions.


Traditional French clothing varies from one region to another, but it mainly consists of garments inspired by the rural costumes of the 18th century. For example, the traditional clothing of women in Brittany includes a lace-trimmed embroidered shawl, a dress, an apron and a cap, whereas men wear a


Traditional Spanish clothing features bright colors, embroidery and jewels, either real or rhinestones. The traditional clothing seen at celebrations today was at the peak of fashion in the 16th century.


Like the apparel of many countries, typical Chinese clothing is subject to changing fashion trends. It has become increasingly common to find the nationalist blending of traditional and modern motifs and styles, featuring, for instance, iconic images of lions, dragons and lightning. Casual wear incl


Traditional Indian clothing includes the dhoti for men and the sari for women. Native American clothing items, other than dance regalia, do not have special names.


Traditional Mexican clothing is a unique combination of European and native clothing styles. The materials used for traditional Mexican clothing are a mixture of native plants found in Mexico and resources that were introduced by the Spanish and imported from Europe.