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Some ways to translate English names to Chinese are translating phonetically or by meaning. People can translate names phonetically because English syllables generally correspond to a Chinese character that sounds roughly the same. This translation is based on pronunciation instead of meaning. Trans


Google Translate converts English to Spanish for free using voice or keyboard input. SpanishDict.com and SpanishCentral.com also provide free English to Spanish conversion through text only.


Mandarin is not a hard language for English speakers to learn, according to Weicong Liang writing for the British Council. This is because its grammar is similar to that of English, and none of the sounds are difficult for English speakers to pronounce.


The best way to conduct a solar-lunar conversion is to access a table or search the Internet for a "Gregorian-Lunar" converter. Manual conversions of the Lunar and Western calendars require access and knowledge of complex astronomical algorithms.


Some Chinese words are "shi," "bu shi," "xie xie," "bu yong xie" and "qing." Other Chinese words are "zai jian, "fa yuv," "wov," "wov men" and "niv."


Chinese names comprise a given name and a family name. Some common given names include Jing, Chen, Dong, Xue, Zhong, Yi, Li, Xin, Jian, Shou and Fu. The most common family names are Li, Wang and Zhang, followed by Liu, Chen, Yang, Zhao, Huang, Zhou, Wu, Xu, Sun, Hu, Zhu, Gao, Lin, He, Guo and Ma.


The Chinese New Year begins at the end of the last month of the Chinese calendar, a date that varies every year according to the lunar calendar. The date is typically between mid-January and mid-February on the Gregorian calendar.


A text-to-speech converter changes text from documents, files and websites into audio. Converters can either output audio directly to the computer's speakers or save the output to an audio file.


Several websites offer word-for-word translation from English to Mandarin Chinese, including Google Translate, MDBG.net and FreeTranslation.com. Paper dictionaries are another good resource and are available in bricks-and-mortar bookstores and online at Amazon.com.


Translate Arabic text into English by entering the Arabic text into Google Translate or FreeTranslation.com. With either website, select Arabic as the originating language and English as the target, then click Translate. The equivalent English text appears in the box to the left.