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Temple names are posthumous titles that were given to East Asian monarchs. The practice of honoring monarchs with temple names began during the Shang dynasty in China and had since been adopted by other dynastic regimes in the Sinosphere, with the notable exception of Japan.Temple names should not be confused with era names and posthumous names.. Among modern historians, referencing Chinese ...


Apart from Buddhist grottoes, mountains, and religious sites like the Leshan Giant Buddha, temples are an important part of China's Buddhist heritage and culture. There are a lot of famous temples in China with magnificent layouts and traditional Chinese architecture. Many of them date back many ...


There are several names for Chinese temples, and they are generally based on the religion with which each temple is affiliated. Buddhist temples alone are known as pagodas and grottos and are called Ta and Shiku respectively.


Chinese temples can be found throughout Mainland China, Taiwan and also where Chinese expatriate communities settled over centuries. An old name in English for Chinese traditional temples is "joss house". "Joss" is an Anglicized spelling of the Portuguese word for "god", deus.


・The town grew up around a non-extant temple. ・That temple either declined and/or a new temple showed up and assumed the same name – and yet, a different name and included the Chinese characters for “yoga” in their name.. It’s possible, man. All of this is totally possible. But….


The early Chinese Buddhist temples followed Indian style, which set the stupa as its center. They once had a traditional Chinese name - Ci (ancestral temple) and the number was very limited. White Horse Temple in Luoyang is a typical example of this period. Northern and Southern Dynasties (386 - 589) to Five Dynasties (907 - 960): Buddhism was ...


Temples especially the Buddhist temples are the treasured part of Chinese art, and to a most degree it is the symbol of Chinese long history and splendid culture.Extensively speaking, temples are not only associated with Buddhism, because initially in Qin Dynasty, the official’s mansions used to be called Temple, and in Tang and Song Dynasties, some government sectors were also called ...


Temple name generator . This name generator will give you 10 random names for temples, shrines, sanctums and many other places of worship. Names for places of worship tend to vary greatly, both from type to type and from culture to culture.


The temple names are given by the imperial family and tend to be a positive evaluation of the deceased emperor. The exception to this rule is the last emperors of a dynasty whose temple name is usually given by the new dynasty and tends to be less flattering or they may not even be given a temple name.

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