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A number of websites, such as Loogix, FunnyWow, and Monograph allow users to create an avatar for use with any blog, website or forum. The majority of these websites simply require the user to upload a photograph that can then be freely edited.


There are numerous ways to create an online avatar, and among the most popular in 2015 are two sites: Avachara.com and SecondLife.com. Both are free services, but the styles are vastly different and typically used for different purposes. The best site for you depends on your intent of use.


Some avatar games for girls include "Avie: My Pretty Avatar," "Rockstar Avatar," "Kingsley's Customerpalooza 2014" and "Woozworld." These games are hosted on GirlsGoGames.com and are free to play.


Create a talking avatar by using one of many avatar-making websites such as Voki.com and SitePal.com, as listed on Google's webtoolsbox. Such websites provide you with an easy-to-use avatar creator interface to help you make a personalized animated avatar.


Internet users can design and create their own avatars using an online avatar creator, according to My Blue Robot. Sites like these may offer avatars for free or may charge a small fee to create a more personalized and unique avatar.


While "Avatar" was being made, James Cameron would keep a nail gun on set to nail phones that rang to the wall. Though he originally wanted the film to be released in 1999, the projected $400 million special effects budget kept studios wary of funding.


Face Your Manga, Portrait Illustration Maker and Moron Face are popular avatar makers, according to Hype Malasia. These free tools allow users to generate many styles of avatars from uploaded photos.


Gamers play “Avatar High” on TeenNick.com using a computer mouse to interact with the virtual high school. They must run a high school that has eight students, and they can either choose to help the students succeed or watch as the students ruin their lives.


Some fun online avatar games include “Second Life” and “Twinity.” Both of these games revolve around creating an online avatar to interact with people in an online community. These communities differ from typical chat rooms since they take place in a 3D environment.


Visit a website such as Marvel.com, which permits users to create a superhero avatar free of charge. Choose the desired body type base. As of 2015, there are three: a muscular male, a slender male and a slender female.