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Six major mountain ranges exist in the world, with a host of minor attached chains and some solitary mountains. Three of the major mountain ranges are located in the Western Hemisphere. Mountain ranges are created by Earth's tectonic plates pressing against one another.


The mountain ranges in Canada are the Appalachian Mountains, Rocky Mountains and Coast Mountains. The Rocky Mountains and Coast Mountains are part of a larger mountain range known as the Canada Codillera.


There are numerous mountain ranges in Russia, including the Urals, the Caucasus, the Altai, the Sayan, the Kolyma, the Koryak, the Stanovoy, the Verkhoyansk and Yablonovy Mountains. Because the country has numerous mountains ranges, many of which have their own sub-ranges, citing a specific number i


The Ruwenzori Range, Atlas Mountains, Virunga Mountains and Aïr Massif are mountain ranges in Africa. The Ruwenzori Range stretches roughly 80 miles along the north-south border of Uganda and Congo. Small lakes, river valleys and glaciers have formed between the towering snow peaks, carrying water t


The Alps, the Rocky Mountains and the Himalayas are famous mountain ranges located in different parts of the globe. The Alps are found in Europe, the Rocky Mountains in Canada and the United States and the Himalayas in South Asia.


Some of the major mountain ranges in Egypt are the Sinai High Mountain Region, Halayeb Triangle and Eastern Desert mountain range. The High Mountain Region is part of the Sinai Peninsula in southern Egypt, while the Halayeb Triangle is in the Red Sea's African coast and is a mountain range that, as


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Some major mountain ranges in Texas are the Rocky Mountains, Guadalupe Mountains, Davis Mountains, Chisos Mountains, Chinati Mountains and Franklin Mountains. The Guadalupe Mountains are the highest mountains in the state.


The Andes, Serra do Mar, Serra de Mantiquiera, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and the Tumuk Humak Mountains are some mountain ranges located in South America. There are 12 countries in South America, and the continent is very mountainous with a number of ranges extending from the northern region down


Mountain ranges in Spain include the Pyrenees, Cordillera Cantabrica, Sistema Iberico, Sierra de Cuenca, Montes de Toledo, Serrania de Cuenca, Cordillera Betica and Sierra Nevada. The Pyrenees Mountains are located on the border of Spain and France. The highest peak in the range is Pico de Aneto, wh