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Instructions for tying different rope knots are available on websites such as NetKnots.com and Animated Knots by Grog. Mother Earth News also offers information about some of the most useful knots.


When tying a fishing knot, you should lubricate the line first, tie slowly and avoid crossing any lines. After tying the knot, you should test it to make sure it is secure.


To make a Chinese knot, also called a good luck knot, start with a cross shape, fold the loops over each other, weave the final loop, tighten, repeat all the steps, and adjust the "ears." Making a Chinese knot takes roughly 20 minutes and requires a length of cord, pins...


OutdoorLife.com and NetKnots.com both offer photos and illustrations demonstrating tying common knots. OutdoorLife.com offers a 20-slide slideshow of notes with full-color photographs demonstrating various knot-tying techniques, and NetKnots.com publishes a chart with i...


Tie a necktie in a half-Windsor knot by arranging the ends of the tie, looping them around each other and pulling the correct end to tighten the knot. The half-Windsor knot is a versatile knot that works with almost every shirt collar and is appropriate for all occasion...


A slip knot is often used in rock climbing. To tie a slip knot, you need a rope that is at least 12 inches long and to practice the specific movements required. These include the right way to create a loop and the tuck required to get the slip knot to work effectively./


Tips for tying a tie easily include choosing an appropriate knot for the size of the tie and tying it in front of a mirror. A person should button his shirt all the way and flip up the collar before beginning.