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Chinese chess, or Xiangqi, is a very popular game in the Eastern Hemisphere that is played by millions of people, mainly throughout Asia. The traditional Xiangqi board consists of 10 horizontal lines and nine vertical lines that form a grid. The vertical lines are separ...


Play chess online by visiting Chess.com and selecting Play vs. Computer or Play With Friends. To play a practice game, choose Chess Mentor. Chess.com also features a mobile version for Android and iPhone users.


ChessKid.com and KidChess.com are two chess websites for children. ChessKid.com allows children to play online against each other, and KidChess.com allows them to play against the computer, while also featuring several different playable chess puzzles.


The first steps in learning to play chess include understanding how to properly set up the chess board and learning which pieces are allowed to move where. The object of the game is to capture the other player's king piece.


A regular game of chess uses 32 pieces. There are 16 pieces for each player and six varieties of pieces.


Play a chess game against a computer by using an online chess game, such as those available on Chess.com, ChessOK.com, Math.com and ComputerChessOnline.net, as of 2015. These types of chess video games include the functionality for a computer-controlled chess game, acco...


The World Chess Federation, which is officially known as FIDE, an acronym for Federation Internationale des Echecs, is responsible for the official chess rules, also called laws of chess. These rules govern the basic movements of the pieces, the equipment used and the c...