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Although the Chinese government has tried to put bans on eating cat meat, there are still a number of restaurants in China that serve cat. Although it is not accepted by Western cultures, cat meat is commonly sold and eaten in some Asian countries such as China, Vietnam and Korea.


Forests provide essential habitat to wildlife, produce oxygen, act as carbon sinks, control pollution and prevent erosion. Forests are also a source of many useful products and are an important part of the economy.


Some general names of forests are tropical rainforest, temperate deciduous forest, temperate coniferous forests, alpine forests and boreal forests, which are also known as taiga or subalpine. Forests are named or classified according to their environment and the types of trees that grow in them.


The Black Forest in Germany derives its name from the once-abundant resources within its borders, which included wood, silver and ore. Although the Black Forest is heavily wooded, dark and dense, its name comes from the economic value found in its trees, soils and rocks.


The Chinese New Year begins at the end of the last month of the Chinese calendar, a date that varies every year according to the lunar calendar. The date is typically between mid-January and mid-February on the Gregorian calendar.


Chinese names comprise a given name and a family name. Some common given names include Jing, Chen, Dong, Xue, Zhong, Yi, Li, Xin, Jian, Shou and Fu. The most common family names are Li, Wang and Zhang, followed by Liu, Chen, Yang, Zhao, Huang, Zhou, Wu, Xu, Sun, Hu, Zhu, Gao, Lin, He, Guo and Ma.


The Giant Forest is located within California's Sequoia National Park. Visitors to the Giant Forest can access more than 40 miles of hiking trails that wind through a forest consisting of some of the world's largest and oldest trees.


In a commercial forest, the aim is to get the most possible timber, fuel, wood and other forest products. Commercial forests are considered a business enterprise.


Firefighters generally work to put out a forest fire by creating a fire line in the ground that will stop the fire from continuing its path. Firefighters may also use planes filled with water and chemicals to help put out forest fires.


Some Chinese words are "shi," "bu shi," "xie xie," "bu yong xie" and "qing." Other Chinese words are "zai jian, "fa yuv," "wov," "wov men" and "niv."