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On Chinese New Year, many Chinese eat foods such as spring rolls, longevity noodles, fish and dumplings. Each of these foods is thought to bring luck to the person who eats them.


Typical plants in a forest are tall deciduous trees including maple, beech, hickory and oak, and evergreens such as fir, spruce and hemlock. Understory varieties are red bud, dogwood, rhododendrons and holly. Spring wild flowers on the forest floor include jack in the pulpit, lady slipper orchid and


Two of the largest forests in Canada are the Boreal Forest and Great Bear Rainforest. The Boreal Forest spans the entire length of Canada, while the Great Bear Rainforest extends from the western province of British Columbia into Alaska. Canadian forests fall into eight different regions: Acadian, d


According to dermatologists, Chinese people have more carotene pigment, which gives their skin a yellow hue. Carotene is the same pigment that is found in egg yolks and yellow fruits and vegetables. In the skin, carotene concentration settles in the fatty areas and subcutaneous tissues.


The Chinese elements are earth, fire, metal, water and wood. According to Chinese philosophy, the 12 astrology signs pass through the elements, with the resulting interactions used to explain a variety of phenomena in astrology, medicine and other fields.


While not all Chinese dishes can be considered healthy, there are some low-calorie, low-fat dishes to be found on most Chinese menus. In general, dishes that are breaded, fried or topped with thick sauces are full of calories and fat. Steamed, lightly stir-fried, poached and roasted dishes tend to b


Chinese Christmas may refer to Chinese New Year, which is the major annual holiday in China This holiday is entirely unrelated to Christmas or the celebration of Christmas in China. China has very few Christians, but the trappings of Christmas appear in large Chinese cities as a secular winter celeb


There are several breeds of guard dog originating in China and Tibet, including the chow-chow, shar-pei and Tibetan mastiff. Tibetan Buddhist monks also used Tibetan spaniels and Lhasa apsos as watchdogs.


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Food forests require less maintenance than gardens and orchards, and they yield more fruit. Here's how to start growing your own. Gardens and orchards may look orderly, but they don't stay that way naturally. That’s why food forests — forests made up entirely of plants that can be eated — are becomi