Female dogs of all breeds typically stay in heat between five and 13 days. During this time, a female dog is willing to mate and can become pregnant. More »

To melt Chihuahua cheese, shred or cube the cheese into small chunks, allow it to reach room temperature and melt it over low heat. Chihuahua cheese features a buttery and tangy flavor, and it melts well, making it ideal... More »

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Chihuahuas can mate as soon as they are sexually active, but a responsible breeder will wait to start breeding his or her Chihuahuas until they have reached full sexual maturity at 12 to 15 months for males and 6 to 18 m... More »

According to WebMD and The Real Pit Bull, pit bulls stay in heat for approximately 18 to 21 days, and this is also true for most other dog breeds. Female pit bulls go into heat approximately twice a year every 6 months, ... More »

Canines typically menstruate twice each year, with most coming into heat every 6 months, although menstrual rates vary among breeds. Small dogs typically begin menstruating at earlier ages than female canines of larger b... More »

The frequency and length of time a dog goes into heat varies by breed, but is approximately twice a year for about 18 days. Although the heat lasts this long, the female dog is typically only open to mating for about nin... More »

Female dogs stay in heat, technically known as "estrus," for five to 13 days. The length varies between different breeds and individual dogs. Male dogs are attracted to female dogs for approximately 18 days. More »