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Proestrus - The first stage of a Chihuahua's heat cycle, Proestrus, may or may not be easy for owners to identify. Some Chihuahuas will exhibit clear, concise symptoms that include bleeding, swollen nipples, excessive licking and a general shift in mood change. Others, however, may exhibit few (if any) symptoms. ...


For toy breeds like the Chihuahua, it is not uncommon for the very first heat to be a split heat. When this happens, the vulva will appear swollen and there will be some discharge but the dog will not ovulate and the cycle will seemingly be done. Then, 1 to 3 weeks later, her body will release eggs (ovulate) and the heat cycle will finish.


I have a 7 month old chihuahua mix and im not sure but i think she is having her first heat cycle, her vulva is a little swollen and the other day I was visiting my mom and she was humping my moms small dog. Another thing I noticed is she has been licking her private places.


Q: At what age do female chihuahua’a go into heat for the first time? I have a 5 month old female deer head chihuahua and I am breeding her with my male. I need to know if she can breed the first heat or do I need to protect her from him?


My 8 months old chihuahua entered her first heat cycle a week ago. I haven't seen any bleeding, but her vulva and teats have been swollen. Yesterday, I started to notice some pale yellow discharge. I read that this occurs during the second stage of the heat cycle so I'm surprised there was no noticeable blood discharge first (apart from ...


Chihuahua Heat Cycle Female chihuahuas' sexual reproductive organs do not fully develop until they are approximately 6 months old. However, periods may begin as early as 3 months and as late as ...


Dogs are in heat for 21 days There are three distinct stages of the heat cycle. The first one is the "Proestrus" and it is during this stage the owner will often notice the bleeding from the vulva.


During this time, they will be more sensitive, territorial, and they will bleed. Caring for a Chihuahua in heat requires extra care and attention. By spaying your female Chihuahua, however, you will eliminate their heat cycles altogether. The truth is that these are just a few of the many benefits of having your Chihuahua spayed or neutered.


Your dog can come into her first heat any time between 6 and 24 months. According to Webvet.com, small dogs come into heat sooner than larger breeds. Typically she will have two estrus cycles, or heats, a year, and each one lasts for between 18 to 24 days. She is likely to show signs that her heat is about to start by changes in her behavior.


Most likely, however, the first heat will occur any time between the age of six and eight months as average. There are always exceptions, and a Chihuahua going into heat at five months or at one year old, is not unheard of. However, being a small breed makes Chihuahuas go into heat much earlier when compared to much larger dog breeds.