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Treatment for Pneumonia in a Heart Failure Patient: What to Expect. An elderly person with pneumonia, who has pre-existing heart failure, presents a tricky situation to doctors. My very elderly father, who has congestive heart failure, was diagnosed with pneumonia at an urgent care center. The doctor wanted him admitted to a hospital.


@burcinc-- It's true that pneumonia is dangerous for the elderly, but it doesn't have to be due to congestive heart failure. Pneumonia can cause death due to heart failure or respiratory failure. Sometimes it's difficult to know what the exact cause of death is. Usually, it is said that death is due to complications from pneumonia.


The median age was 73 years (interquartile range 61 to 81), and 47% of patients were women. Pneumonia patients with heart failure were, on average, older and more likely to have a history of hospital-diagnosed comorbidity as defined by the Charlson index, compared with other pneumonia patients (83% vs. 52%) (Table 1).


Managing Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) Hone your skills at diagnosing and treating CHF in the elderly.ADVERTISEMENT Congestive heart failure (CHF) in the elderly is a quiet, complicated problem. The condition, which can stem from a range of structural or functional cardiac disorders, is compounded by the effects of old age. CHF often goes undiagnosed, particularlyRead More


Doctor answers on Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, and More: Dr. Zacharias on congestive heart failure and pneumonia in the elderly: Shortness of breath at rest or mild exertion which may worsen on lying down, swelling of legs, fatigue, considerable weight gain in a short time. for topic: Congestive Heart Failure And Pneumonia In The Elderly


Fluid retention, fatigue, weakness, dizziness and irregular heartbeats are other heart failure symptoms. Pneumonia symptoms are similar in patients with both viral and bacterial infections, but the symptoms of bacterial pneumonia tend to appear sooner and be more noticeable, according to WebMD.


Acute respiratory failure (ARF) is a common complaint of elderly patients in ED, and the key clinical presentation of cardiac [congestive heart failure (CHF)] and respiratory disorders . This article will summarise the age-related structural changes of the respiratory system and their consequences in clinical practice.


Pneumonia in the elderly is a massive topic. Did you know that there are over 30 different causes of pneumonia and that there are different types of pneumonia? In this article, we tackle some of the bigger questions people might have about pneumonia and the elderly. We also focus on community-acquired pneumonia, which is a type of pneumonia...


Pneumonia in elderly is a very common disease but there are so many different things you can learn about the disease from actually taking care of the patients with pneumonia in elderly. I hope this patient centered approach to educating my readers about pneumonia in elderly was helpful.


The elderly are also less likely to notice they have pneumonia until it’s too late. Younger patients will visit their doctor with symptoms like chills, shortness of breath, and chest pain, but ...