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Wearing dentures does not offer the same stability as having one's original teeth. It is sometimes necessary to avoid hard–to-chew and sticky foods to keep dentures in good condition. Wrigley’s Freedent is a chewing gum that was specifically designed not to stick to dental work.


I was just wondering if anyone has any luck chewing gum with dentures. I had to get dentures at an early age due to structural damage of my jaw bone. I have had my dentures now about a year and usually have no problem. But the 1 thing I miss is chewing gum. If anyone has any experiences please let me know. Thanks and


Wrigley makes a chewing gum called Freedent that is specifically designed not to stick to most dentures or other dental work. Wrigley developed the non-stick gum base in 1975 after having received many requests for such a product. As the first non-stick gum alternative, Freedent is marketed with the slogan "Won't stick to most dental work."


What chewing gums don't stick to dentures? I enjoy chewing gum but am aware of only a few brands that won't stick to my dentures, they are freedent and stick free, What are other brands? 1 following


Hey everyone, happy Sunday. Wanted to make a quick video for you all. I found a really good gum for anyone with dentures and it dont stick. Anyways have a lovely day.


How to Remove Gum From Dentures. Dentures are artificial teeth that have microscopic holes in them that can collect food and bacteria. Dentures have come a long way over the years with new materials and technology that have greatly improved the natural look and feel of artificial teeth. Unfortunately, a set of dentures that can chew sticky gum without causing a problem has yet to be invented.


What can I do to keep gum from sticking to my dentures (aside from not chewing it)? I only chew nicotine gum. Some 'house-brands' stick more than others. the nicorette brand sticks least, but is very expensive. Also, it doesn't stick everywhere; mostly, directly behind the last molar on the left side.


Sugarless Juicy Fruit is pretty good to chew and does not stick to dentures. Quora. Sign In. Dentures. Chewing Gum. What's the best chewing gum for people who wear dentures? Update Cancel. a d b y F u s e b i l l. Do better subscription management, billing, invoicing, payments. ... What is the easy food for people who wear dentures?


The gum that you can chew with dentures would be sugar free gum. The flavor doesn't matter, but the sugar will make it stick to your dentures.


What is gum that will not stick to dentures? Update Cancel. a d b y W i k i b u y. The dead giveaway that tells you when Amazon has a lower price. This tool looks for lower prices at other stores while you shop on Amazon and tells you where to buy. ... Which sugar-free chewing gum doesn't stick to dentures? Can you chew gum with dentures?