The major advantage of keyless remote programming is the convenience of using the keyless remotes. The remote device allows for locking and unlocking the door, activating the alarm and in some cases starting the engine j... More » Technology Computer Programming

To program a Dodge keyless entry remote, first turn off the vehicle's ignition and find the 16 pin Data Link Connector located under the driver's side dashboard. Link the Pin 1 and Pin 4 by touching a paper clip to each;... More » Vehicles Car Makes & Models

To program the keyless entry remote of a pre-2007 GM vehicle, get in the car, and close all the doors, but leave them unlocked. Press the driver door unlock switch, insert the key into the ignition, turn the key on and o... More »

Object-oriented programming is a style of programming that is recyclable and easy to develop and maintain. A single object, created from a class or prototype, can be reused for multiple purposes. One advantage available ... More »

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A Toyota keyless remote can be programmed by activating programming mode, holding the key's lock and unlock button for two seconds, and then pressing the lock button for three seconds. This universal method works on all ... More »