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Industrial chemistry is concerned with using chemical and physical processes to transform raw materials into products that are beneficial to humanity. This includes the manufacture of basic chemicals to produce products for various industries. Industrial chemistry can b...


Hybridization in chemistry refers to the combination of two atoms to form a new atomic using orbitals. The new orbital has the same total electron capacity as the two orbitals combined to form it. The new hybrid orbital has average properties of the two original orbital...


Common symbols found on phones include bars that show signal strength, letter and number identifiers that display network type, and Bluetooth logos that mean the device is ready to sync with external components. Symbols vary by operating system and phone type, and not a...


World religion, folk tales, and general culture have always attributed symbolic significance to certain animals. The symbolic meanings of many animals vary depending on location and culture.


The chemical formula "2 OH" can represent either two hydroxide molecules or two hydroxyl molecules. Both molecules have the same chemical formula, but they differ in their properties.


Fire's symbolic meaning varies in different cultures, but it is often linked to destruction and fear. Because of fire's seemingly magical qualities, it has captivated people for thousands of years.


An upside-down seashell, called the Shell of Saint James, is a Christian symbol that commemorates Saint James. The Hathor, which is a circle with two curved, vertical lines that resemble horns rising from its top, represents the Egyptian goddess of love, music and beaut...