The chemical formula for salt is NaCl. Salt consists of one atom of sodium combined with one atom of chlorine. The scientific name for salt is sodium chloride. More »

Salts are a type of ionic compound that derives its chemical name from the anions and cations it contains. For example, the chemical name for table salt is sodium chloride, which is represented by the chemical formula Na... More »

The chemical composition of table salt is NaCl. Table salt is a combination of sodium and chlorine, which form ionic bonds. More »

The formula for sodium chloride is NaCl. Sodium chloride is commonly known as salt and contains an equal measure of both sodium and chloride. Salt is manufactured by evaporating saltwater from wells or by mining salt roc... More »

Wood does not have a chemical formula because it is not an individual chemical compound but is made up of many chemical structures. Within its cellular structure, there are three chemical components which are principally... More »

The chemical formula Al2(CO3)3 refers to the chemical aluminum carbonate. This chemical compound of aluminum, carbon and oxygen is unstable and rapidly decomposes to aluminum hydroxide and carbon dioxide. More »

strongNaCl is an inorganic compound and is the chemical formula for sodium chloride, which is commonly known as salt or table salt. Inorganic compounds do not contain carbon and are made of two or more elements other tha... More »