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The compound with the chemical formula C2H5OH is called ethanol or ethyl alcohol. It may also be referred to as ethyl hydroxide, hydroxyethane or ethyl hydrate. The formula for ethanol may also be written as CH3-CH2-OH.


Na2S is the formula for sodium sulfide. Sodium sulfide is an ionic compound composed of two Na+ ions and one S2- ion.


The name of the compound with the chemical formula Ag2O is silver oxide. Other names used to identify this compound include argentous oxide, disilver oxide, silver monoxide, silver rust and silver(I) oxide.


Examples of chemical formulas of compounds are HBr for hydrogen bromide, NaClO for sodium hypochlorite, NaOH for sodium hydroxide and NaCl for sodium chloride. Some chemical symbols for elements include H for hydrogen, C for carbon, Ti for Titanium, Sn for tin and I for...


The chemical formula for water is H2O. A molecule of water consists of two hydrogen atom that bond with one atom of oxygen. The hydrogen and oxygen atoms share electrons because they are covalently bonded.


Chemical formulas are named based on the number and type of atoms in the chemical. In chemical formulas of two atoms with opposite charges, the first element is a metal and the second is a non-metal. The chemical's name is the name of the metal and the name of the non-m...


The molecular formulas of compounds express the number and type of atoms that make up one molecule of the compound. For example, the molecular formula of table salt, or sodium chloride, is NaCl. This means table salt has one atom of sodium and one atom of chlorine.