SO3 is the formula for sulfur trioxide. It may also be called sulfuric oxide or sulfuric anhydride. It is used to make sulfuric acid and explosives.

The name of the compound with the chemical formula Ag2O is silver oxide. Other names used to identify this compound include argentous oxide, disilver oxide, silver monoxide, silver rust and silver(I) oxide.

Na2S is the formula for sodium sulfide. Sodium sulfide is an ionic compound composed of two Na+ ions and one S2- ion.


The chemical name for SO3 is sulfur trioxide. The compound contains one atom of sulfur, as indicated by the S, and three atoms of oxygen, as indicated by the O3.

Sn(SO3)2 is the molecular formula for the chemical compound tin(IV) sulfite. The compound contains one atom of tin, represented by the symbol Sn; six atoms of oxygen, shown by the symbol O; and two atoms of sulfur, indic...

Dinitogen trioxide is a highly combustible chemical compound that is often used for special purpose fuels. The compound contains two nitrogen and three oxygen molecules. This chemical is also fatally toxic.

The molar mass of SF6, the chemical formula for the compound sulfur hexafluoride, is 146.05 grams per mole. The molar mass of a compound can be calculated by summing the atomic mass per mole of each atom in the compound.