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As of 2015, Lenntech.com offers both an alphabetical chart of the chemical elements and a periodic table featuring the elements color-coded based on whether they are metals, nonmetals, semiconductors, inert gases, or lanthanides and actinides. To access the periodic table, click on Periodic table in


The chemical symbol of an element is determined by the language used to abbreviate the element. Most chemical symbols use abbreviations of the English name for the element, such as "O" for oxygen, "H" for hydrogen or "Ar" for argon.


The chemical symbol for oxygen is "O." Oxygen is number 8 on the periodic table of the elements, and it is part of the chalcogen group.


A chemical symbol is an abbreviation of the name of a chemical element. The name is derived from the name of the element, which is usually in Latin. Chemical symbols are made up of one or two letters.


The chemical symbol for water can be written as H2O, with the 2 written is subscript, or as HOH. HOH is the less-common symbol used when referring to water.


The symbols on a dental chart indicate what types of repairs a person has had performed on their teeth and what problems require treatment. Dentists usually differentiate prospective repairs from completed ones using two different colors, often blue and red. Which two colors the dentist uses, as wel


Keyboard symbols charts are available at Alt-Codes.net and Nouilles.info, as of 2015. Both websites feature charts that provide keyboard shortcuts and instructions for using special codes.


A chart of welding symbols shows a variety of welding symbols with their meanings, which are directions to the welder from the designer. Welding symbols indicate where a weld should be placed and include the correct diameter, length and other instructions.


The chemical symbol for the type of alcohol found in beverages is C2H5OH. It is known as ethyl alcohol, ethanol or grain alcohol. Other types of alcohol include methanol and isopropanol, which are poisonous to drink.


A molecule is made up of two or more atoms of the same element or compound, or different elements or compounds, that are chemically bound together. A molecule is a quantity of a substance that can be measured by a chosen unit. Molecules are extremely small particles.