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The Fat Chef kitchen collection includes items such as canister sets, cookie jars, utensil holders, mug sets and bread boxes. Some specialty Fat Chef items include an oil and vinegar cruet set, a paper towel holder and kitchen wall clock. Cleaning hands and dishes is fu...


To become a chef, an individual needs to complete training through work experience or an apprenticeship, or by attending an educational institution. A prospective chef might also start out as a line cook and learn the necessary cooking skills from a head chef.


Chefs make a median wage of $42,480 a year, or $20.42 an hour, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data as of May 2012. However, chefs' pay can vary widely depending on the area and employer. It is usually higher at upscale establishments or resorts and in major urb...


As of 2015, find fat chef kitchen accessories online at MarcelHomeDecor.com, eBay.com or Sears.com. There are many kinds of fat chef kitchen accessories available, including wine bottle holders, canisters, spoon rests, kitchen mats and soap dispensers.


A kitchen is a room that is used for cooking and preparing food. Kitchens are usually located in personal homes, restaurants and other public areas that regularly serve food.


Stores that sell Fat Chef kitchen knobs include Amazon, eBay and Etsy. Independent sellers on Amazon and eBay sell an ever-changing variety of Fat Chef kitchen knob styles that often match other Fat Chef kitchen decorative items, including canister sets, dinnerware sets...


Italian fat chef kitchen decor ideas include canister sets, clocks, napkin holders, salt and pepper shakers, and towels featuring fat chefs. Additionally, fat chef prints and decals are available for decorating kitchen walls and other surfaces.


Becoming a professional chef requires at least a high school diploma in most cases and preferably 5 or more years work experience in an applicable industry, as stated by the United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics. There may be some positions where ...


Essential tools for every kitchen, from one receiving moderate use to the one always in service, include the wooden spoon, a strainer, kitchen shears, measuring cups and spoons, and a set of good knives. These five tools, most of which are multipurpose, are used almost ...


The kitchen tools and equipment needed in a first home depend on the amount of cooking the people in the home plan to do, but most basic kitchen sets should have at least four sets of flatware and dinnerware. Prepware, cookware, bakeware and other kitchen tools are esse...