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When it comes to fast acceleration, nothing on two or four legs can beat a cheetah. The cheetah can outrun even the fastest animals, such as gazelles and hares. Running at speed puts the cheetah’s body under strain. It can only run for around 20 to 60 seconds over a maximum distance of 1,640ft (500m).


Cheetah Breeding. The fact that the Cheetah reproduces at a very slow rate is a huge concern. Studies show that the males often suffer from a low production of sperm. This means even when they do mate there isn’t always a high chance of young being created. In captivity the rate or reproduction is also very low.


The cheetah is an endangered species whose numbers have been greatly reduced by overhunting and destruction of its natural habitat. Although a true cat, the cheetah resembles the dog, especially the greyhound, in many respects. The cheetah is the swiftest of all land animals; it can run 70 miles per hour for short distances.


ONE OF the most amazing animals in the cat-family, the cheetah, has remained a mystery to scientists for several reasons, one of those being their irregular reproductive cycle. Until recently ...


Cheetahs, the fastest land mammals in the world, don't have a set breeding season. Cheetah reproduction sees normally solitary females seeking out males – usually multiple males – to mate, and then rearing cubs under cover to keep them out off the radar of lions and other predators.


Call it ovulation on demand, a bizarre male bark jump-starts a female cheetah's reproductive system, adding a much-needed boost to breeding the rare big cats in captivity, experts say.


How Do Cheetahs Reproduce? Female cheetahs are polyestrous, meaning they ovulate several times per year, according to the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Center. The cheetah's estrous cycle, similar to menstruation in humans, is 12 days long, with ovulation occurring on the second to third day of the cycle.


Cheetah Anatomy. Cheetah Physical Characteristics. The Cheetah is a medium sized animal, much smaller than most felines. It is deemed as one that is very fast and very graceful. Many people are in awe of it due to the power it has. It is often confused with the Leopard though which can make it confusing. However, there are quite a few ...


Learn how the anatomy of a cheetah makes it the fastest land animal in this interactive feature.


A remarkable feature of the cheetah is its unusually low genetic variability in comparison to other felids. Consequently, individuals show considerable genetic similarity to one another, as illustrated by skin grafts, electrophoretic evidence and reproductive surveys.