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Regions offers a full spectrum of banking services. Visit us online or at one of our many bank branch locations for checking, savings, mortgages and more.


Have ACH direct deposit, such as a recurring payroll or government benefit deposit, to your LifeGreen Checking account (at least one of $500 or more, or a combined amount of $1,000) 3; Maintain a $1500 average monthly balance 4 in your LifeGreen Checking account


ACH direct deposit, such as a recurring payroll or government benefit deposit, to your 62+ LifeGreen Checking account (at least one of $ 300 or more, or a combined amount of $ 1,000) legal disclaimer number 2 OR a $ 1,500 average monthly balance legal disclaimer number 3 in your 62+ LifeGreen Checking account


Your bank may provide text banking, which allows you to request and receive account information via a cell phone with text messaging capabilities.After signing up with your bank, you may request your available balance by typing in the required short-codes.The bank will then immediately send you the information.


Open a checking account online with Regions and enjoy a wealth of features including online banking, secure mobile banking and free access to Regions ATMs. ... The Monthly Fee on certain checking accounts may not be charged for at least 61 days after account opening even if requirements to waive the Monthly Fee are not met.


Check your account balance of Regions Financial Bank by sending a text message. To get your Regions Financial bank account balance, type as BAL and send to 734265 (REGBNK). You will get the complete Regions Financial bank account balance details.


Regions makes it easy to bank on the go with a variety of online banking and mobile banking services. Pay bills, manage accounts, and more at Regions.com and Regions mobile app.


The Regions Now Card® is a reloadable Visa® Prepaid Card. You can load funds to your card as often as you wish, up to the maximum permitted balance (see page 2). • You can use your Regions Now Card to make purchases and other payments, in stores and online, virtually anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.


Open a Bank Account Online with Regions. When you open a bank account with Regions, you'll discover a full spectrum of savings and checking accounts and other banking products and services designed to help you meet your banking needs while simplifying life.